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I-95 at the Northlake Boulevard Interchange
Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study

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About the Study

The FDOT is conducting this PD&E Study to evaluate the need to enhance overall traffic operations of the I-95 ramps and Northlake Boulevard intersections to handle future expected traffic. The study will consider three interchange ramp alternatives as well as the “No-Action” or “No-Build” alternative, which is an alternative where no improvements would be made. The study limits extend along the ramps on I-95/SR 9 approximately 0.5 miles north and south of Northlake Boulevard and Northlake Boulevard from Military Trail to Sunrise Drive/Sandtree Drive in Palm Beach County, Florida. This study is being conducted to evaluate proposed interchange improvements at I-95 and Northlake Boulevard and to provide information necessary for FDOT to reach a decision on the type, design and location of the improvements. This interchange improvement is one of 17 being studied as part of the I-95 Interchange Master Plan. This plan will reexamine 1) the 2003 I-95 Interchange Master Plan Study and 2) the SR 9 (I-95) mainline project, which added a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane and auxiliary lanes from south of Linton Boulevard to north of PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach County and included minor improvements to eight interchanges. Overall, the I-95 Interchange Master Plan will recommend new short-term and long-term improvements to interchanges based on changes in traffic volumes and updated design standards. Based on projected traffic volumes, several of the individual through and turning movements at the intersections will experience excessive delays and operate below acceptable levels of service (LOS). Without improvements, the intersection is projected to experience excessive delays and queuing and operate below acceptable LOS standards by the year 2040.

Project Need

The purpose of the project is to enhance overall traffic operations at the existing interchange of SR 9 (I-95) and Northlake Boulevard by providing improvements to achieve acceptable Levels of Service (LOS) at the interchange in the future condition (2040 Design Year). Level of Service (LOS) is a function of the average time vehicles will be delayed at intersections. Conditions along Northlake Boulevard are anticipated to deteriorate below acceptable LOS standards if no improvements occur by 2040; the interchange will have insufficient capacity to accommodate the projected travel demand.

Enhancements include improving safety conditions by providing additional through and turn lanes, as well as interchange ramp improvements, to help reduce conflict points and the potential occurrence of collisions at the interchange; accommodating future growth and development in the area; and enhancing the emergency evacuation and response times by enhancing connectivity and accessibility to SR-9/I-95 and other major arterials designated on the state evacuation route network from the west and east, increasing the operational capacity of traffic that can be evacuated during an emergency event.

Public Involvement Plan

Public involvement is a key component to any PD&E Study. There will be continuous community outreach and stakeholder coordination throughout the study process. Several public involvement meetings will be held during the study process to provide the public the opportunity to give feedback on the proposed alternatives as well as any potential social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Three informal meetings, including a public kick off meeting, an elected officials meeting and an alternatives public workshop, will be held to introduce the proposed project alternatives to the public and gain input on the roadway alternatives.